Amazon Link to the CD Album Art I Deigned
Here is the the Amazon page from which you can purchase the CD I did all the graphic design for. On that CD you can also hear me perform my violin as well.

Deirdre Hade
Deirdre Hade is a remarkable mystic, healer, and spiritual teacher. I've had the opportunity to work with her and also to shoot her photo which is on her website. She and I are engaged in a long-term project to create some unusual Spiritual artworks and you can find some of the things inspired by her in my "Illuminations" section here at my website.

Fine Art America - The best place to purchase my artwork
This link will take you to my Fine Art America website where the possibilities for purchasing individually customized prints, cards, etc. are truly amazing. Follow this link to be taken to my Fine Art America site where you can purchase a whole variety of photographic items from my collection. Greeting cards, posters, matted prints, etc. are all available there at very reasonable prices.

Fred Miranda
A wonderful site for photographers. Every kind of photo-related discussion as well as weekly and monthly contests. I generally enter the photo contest there every week and my photos have been frequent finalists and even occasional winners. There is also a great "Buy & Sell" area for picking up discounted camera gear.

Imagine Spirit Intuitive Arts
This is the link to the mediumship and psychic training website directed by Carol Nicholson - a certified medium. I discovered her when I stumbled across one of her mediation videos that featured one of my Sacred Geometries. Carol is an extraordinary medium/psychic and shares her encyclopedic knowledge of all things psychic with her many students. I encourage you to check out her link.

One Of The Best Photographers Alive Today
I have learned a tremendous amount from Jim Zuckerman who is, without question, one of the finest photographers alive today. Check out his webiste and prepare to be amazed!

Purchase cards, posters, calendars, and more made from my photos...
Follow this button to be taken to my Red Bubble site where you can purchase a whole variety of photographic items from my collection. Greeting cards, calendars, posters, matted prints, etc. are all available there at very reasonable prices.

The Amazing Artist - Linda Brunker
Here is the link to the website of the extraordinary Irish sculptress Linda Brunker. You can find a few photographs of one of her beautiful artworks - "Baby Buddha" in the "Art" section of my gallery.

The Little Light Project
This is an amazing organization that brings comfort to parents who have lost a beloved child. The way they do this is (I quote from their website): "We are a not-for-profit organization helping parents connect with children who have passed on as well as offering support and help for children with heightened intuitive gifts. The Little Light Project was created to help parents begin to heal from the loss of a child by providing a way for them to communicate with their children in spirit, free of charge." They also offer guidance to parents who have children who demonstrate unusual sensitivity in these areas.

The wonderful singer - Rebecca Pidgeon
This is the link to the website of my friend Rebecca Pidgeon - wife of the famous author David Mamet. She is an extraordinary singer / songwriter and actress and I highly recommend that you purchase her beautiful CDs. Check out the photos I did of her performing at a club in Los Angeles, which you can find under the "Theatricals" section of my website.

Two Of The World's Best Photographers
This is the link to the website of two of the very best photographers around - Richard Broun and Sher Lisonbee. Together, they have been professional photographers for many years and Richard was the official photographer and graphic designer for (among many others) all those wonderful Nexxus hair care product advertisements. They used to live in Los Angeles but about 10 years ago moved to Utah. I owe a tremendous amount of my inspiration as a photographer to their extraordinarily beautiful work.

Visions of Heaven
I recently made the acquaintance of Ann Albers online after hearing her interviewed on the radio. She is an extraordinary person and exploring her vast Angelic website will be the best way for you to get to know all about her.